What is Sublimation Printing?

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The reason Beloved Shirts can print such high resolution images and graphics into fabric is due to a process called sublimation printing. The possibilities of what you can print are endless, and that’s why we love it so much, but have you ever wondered what it is that makes creating these beautiful clothes possible?

Sublimation is a process that uses heat to transfer dyes into fabric. We use a special paper that acts as a medium between the image and the clothing. It’s basically a middle man. We use these huge printers and specialty inks to print on transfer paper. Once the image is printed, we cut it out and take it to the heat press (gotta get the right degree). After the image is transferred, it becomes a part of the fabric. It looks so vivid, but it feels just like a super soft t-shirt. That’s the difference between sublimation and screen printing. You can feel the ink and design with a screen print because it just sits on top of the fabric, sublimation actually transforms the fabric into something different.

So, now you know. What will you make?

Check out our custom options and start dreaming your next design.


Two Easy Ways To Order Last Minute Christmas Gifts



If you’re anything like me, you probably put off buying Christmas gifts until today. But that’s ok, beloved is here to help!

We’ve (beloved) set up two easy ways to order last minute Christmas gifts from the comfort of wherever in the world you are.

Give a Gift Card

Step 1 – Go to Belovedshirts.com/products/gift-card
Step 2 – Choose amount
Step 3 – Checkout
Step 4 – Print out our Holiday Gift Card PDF (link will be emailed to you)
Step 5 – Place under the tree with care

Give a Printed Present

Step 1- Go to Belovedshirts.com
Step 2 – Shop our infinite amount of designs, find the perfect one
Step 3 – Choose item, checkout.
Step 4 – Print out our Holiday PDF (link will be emailed to you)
Step 5 – Place under the tree with care

Easy, right? So go ahead, spread some beloved cheer this Christmas. You’ve still got time!

A Letter To Those With Open Orders



Beloved is unique for a few different reasons: we’re trying to do new/exciting things with fashion, and our business model is something called print-to-order. Because there are so many designs we want to feature, we can’t realistically keep all of them in-stock and ready to ship all the time. We’re just not big enough yet (we’re getting closer though). Getting creative about our options, we thought “what if we offered all of the designs we want and have them be print-to-order? That way we can keep things fresh/fun and give artists a creative outlet to create many different pieces”

So, that’s what we did. And it has been amazing to see the different designs our artists have put out. But, as we went along we realized some MAJOR flaws in this business model:

Any type of delay would affect the whole process.

When we started, our manufacturer was in China. And if you’ve ever ordered anything from China you know that it takes a long time to ship. But not only that, there was a communication barrier. And frequently there were HUGE delays. Which made us sick to our stomachs because here we were, trying to do this awesome thing, trying to bring the world all-over print like they’d never seen it before. And so, we did everything we could to problem solve, to clean up the messes our manufacturer left us with, but it just kept happening. Then, one day, the operations manager here found some wonderful news—we could move our production to California! That would cut down on processing times, eliminate the language barrier, and shipping would only take a day or two. Amazing right?

Right. It’s been so great to build a relationship with our manufacturer there. To make the process smoother. But, when you’re trying to do things on a large scale, there is inevitably a learning curve. We first started making sweatshirts in California this summer, and have slowly moved all of our manufacturing there over the course of the last few months. Trying to do it perfectly timed with the holidays (which, as you know, is the biggest time of the year for retail).

But, the learning curve has caught up to us again. We weren’t completely ready (when we thought we were), to have everything running smoothly, and on time in California.

That is our bad. And we are so sorry.

Seriously, we are so over delays because we know just how big of a pain it is for you: our customer. Our beloved people. Especially during the holidays.

So, please accept our apology. We have over 1,200 unread emails, with more coming in every minute. We are buried in communication, and even after hiring four more people for our customer service department, we can’t keep up. So, hopefully this blog post will shed a little light as to why your order is taking longer than two weeks. We also created a FAQ that will be sent out when you email in to help answer any questions.

Our manufacturer has committed to a December 19th finish date for orders placed before December 8th. They’ve been working around the clock. We really want to get it right.

Thank you so much for your patience. This is our second holiday season as a company, and as much as we learned and adapted from last year, we are still learning and trying to solve problems.

We really appreciate you,

beloved logo 1200 wide


1. We’re so sorry

2. The learning curve for moving all of our manufacturing to California has been steep, but we are committed to doing it right.

3. Your order is being processed, printed, cut, sewn, and shipped

4. Our customer service is doing their best to get to your emails, we currently have 1,200 and more coming every minute. Here’s a list of FAQ (frequently asked questions):

Where is my order?
-Because the majority of the items we sell are print-to-order, we strive for a 14 business day turnaround time to print, cut and sew your product, but sometimes things get complicated and production can take longer than expected. We’re doing everything we can (running multiple shifts at our manufacturer, keeping the printers going 24 hours a day, and pushing ourselves to the limit) to get your product finished. We will send you tracking information as soon as your order ships. Please note that expedited shipping only comes into effect after production is completed.
Will my order arrive before Christmas? 
We have been guaranteed by our manufacturers that any order placed before December 8th will be arriving in time for Christmas! (However this excludes international orders, due to shipping time). Our manufacturers are doing everything they can and are working round the clock to get your Beloved gear to you! We appreciate your patience!
Only received part of your order? 
-No worries! The rest of your order will be on it’s way as soon as it is complete. We sometimes ship items in separate packages as to decrease your wait time. You will not be charged extra for these separate shipments. The rest of your order will be shipped upon completion!
Missing your tracking information, or tracking is not updating? 
-As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email including a tracking link for your reference. If your tracking is not updating, please allow 48 hours. If it still has not updated, feel free to contact us.
If you need to place a return, feel free to ship it back to us at this address: 165 N. 1330 W. #B4 Orem, UT 84057. Please also include your order number in the package! As soon as your return is received, we will send you an email!
If you are unsure of your correct size, feel free to email us your height and weight, as well as the item you are interested in. We can recommend the correct size for you!
Customs Fees? 
 –Please know that customs or international shipping charges are taxes/duties (similar to a sales tax) imposed by your country and are the responsibility of the recipient, we cannot cover these taxes Beloved. We apologize for any inconvenience!
Is Sasquatch real? 
     Yes. He roasts hotdogs behind the Beloved Warehouse.

5. THANK YOU. So much. For your patience, and understanding, and support.

Rep Team Holiday Prep


Hey Team,

Good stuff so far. We hope you got the email with the exclusive graphics just for reps. For those of you who want a little more control over your creative, feel free to use any pictures from our website/facebook/instagram to promote your code and beloved.

We’re hoping the holidays are warm and bright for everyone. Looking at last year, we expect to do some pretty cool stuff. People are getting excited already.

So, here are a few tips to help you get your code used during the holidays:

1. Thanksgiving is coming up (it’s only a week away!). What happens the day after is the BIGGEST shopping day of the year. That means there will be lots of people looking for discount codes. Get creative in ways you can share yours.

2. Gift guides and Christmas lists help people make buying decisions. If someone is unsure of what to get, a gift guide or list can really help them out. Make a few with beloved items. Then insert your code so they know they can get a really great deal, too!

3. Doing a blog post or a youtube video reviewing beloved products is a really cool way to share excitement. Remember, if you’re pumped, other people will be too. So, try it out. Do a Beloved Shirts Review and watch your code use go up.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures, feel free to use any of them with your codes/links.

14330775276_d4186b1428_k 14804875228_c76e6dcf0c_k (1) 14968483486_5ea561c669_k 14968485956_c60e1bc4db_k 13347343674_a76ffbd15e_k 14207004477_08b3c3dce2_k 14374039143_c370299a4f_k 14509599865_a91b5ab1db_b

Beloved Rep Team Tips

Beloved Rep Team


Hey Reps!

We are so excited about this program. We’ve been working for a long time, trying to figure out the best way to help you guys earn more store credit. We started in the beginning with the ambassador program, which was great. We had a lot of fun. But now it’s time for the next page: The Beloved Rep Team.

We’ve got a few tips for you as you start repping beloved:

1. Post high quality content with your code. 

The better the image/movie, the more motivated people will be about your message. It’s why we make so many videos with Robbie.

So, we highly encourage you to make your own stuff. Your own 15 second videos, or graphics, or whatever you think would get people most excited about beloved. Of course, we’ll be putting out stuff that you can use and post, but it will be a lot more effective if you’re creating your own posts.

2. Be consistent

The holidays are just around the corner, and people will be looking for deals everywhere. If you’re posting consistently, with great content, people are going to be all over your code.

3. Be creative, have fun

People can tell if you’re having fun. And we’re really all about having fun. So go get a little wild with your creativity. Take things to the next level. And HAVE FUN.

We’re working on some great benefits to being a rep. A lot of exclusive deals and opportunities for you in the works, so stay connected and excited.

Cara Delevingne Pizza Onesie

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Look out Katy Perry, there’s a new pizza princess in town! Supermodel Cara Delevingne was spotted leaving Ibiza in her cozy pizza onesie / jumpsuit / costume – whatever you want to call it. Here at belovedshirts, we call it a belovesie.


Later, she zipped that baby all the way up and roamed the streets in search of a pizzeria.

Fotor0816122047It’s so exciting to see Cara sporting a Belovesie!

You’ve gotta get one too. Do it here: http://belovedshirts.com/products/pizza-belovesie

Katy Perry Feeds Her Love of Pizza With Beloved Shirts


Katy Perry Pizza

If you’re following @katyperry on instagram, you may have noticed the newest addition to her wardrobe—the pepperoni pizza belovesie from belovedshirts.com.

The pop star has posted multiple times sporting the outrageous onesie and even has been seen after concerts wearing the pepperoni masterpiece.

The latest video, captioned “killer pizza bruh” can be seen here

All-over print pizza items are trending right now, and the one place to find fantastic options is belovedshirts.com

Belovedshirts is an all-over print clothing brand making waves for their unique and shock-inducing designs. You can find them all over the internet, in various celebrities closets, or simply at http://belovedshirts.com