Katy Perry Pizza Blanket


Katy Perry is waking up in Vegas, under a Beloved Blanket.  Don’t you want to know how sweet marinara, stringy mozzarella, and spicy pepperoni feels against your bare back?

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.12.37 PM

Here’s where you can get your own: http://belovedshirts.com/collections/blankets


Katy Perry Pizza Onesie


We love delivering the freshest designs, so we were thrilled when Katy Perry’s team reached out to us for an order of Beloved Shirts! So cool to see her wearing our pizza Belovesie!



Get Katy Perry’s pizza onesie here: http://belovedshirts.com/products/pizza-belovesie

Beloved Product Deets


Hey. It’s good to be back. The blog has been on a New York vacation, and even though having a vacation blog is pretty cool, sometimes giving your blog a vacation is even cooler.

But how has the beloved world been? If you’ve been on vacation as well, you might have missed that we reached 100,000 followers on instagram. Which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. So many people that we would like to thank. 100,000 of them in fact. What makes it even more special is that we did it all organically. We never bought followers or used any back door tricks to get there. You, and other people liked beloved, and so you followed, and for that we’re especially grateful. Thank you.

If you also didn’t notice, we released a line specifically for women. In the past we had v-necks, which were great, but we knew that we needed something else. So we searched the world over for a good cut/fit and what we found was really quite delightful. We’re so happy to present women’s crop tops and tees, and women’s muscle tanks.

Here are a few designs we’re loving this week:

Pizza_Muscle_large AlienEmojis_d2a20970-b26f-439f-9551-eab2f92950cd_large StatueofPizzatee_large YesorNo_c6edfe31-b528-4406-83fd-1b49d740a3f8_large

This Week At Beloved


Did you know Beloved Womens drops on June 10th? If you are a female and not aware, this message is for you: be by your computer on that date. It’s going to be well worth it. We’ve got crop tops and crop tanks that will change your life. Here’s a little preview:


Also, Mega Sale is over! Thanks for being a part of it. We had a really good time making it happen. We had to call everyone into shipping to make sure that you got your gear in time. And like every ending, it’s a little bit sad. But there are still so many great things you can get on our site. Check them out here