Rep Team Holiday Prep


Hey Team,

Good stuff so far. We hope you got the email with the exclusive graphics just for reps. For those of you who want a little more control over your creative, feel free to use any pictures from our website/facebook/instagram to promote your code and beloved.

We’re hoping the holidays are warm and bright for everyone. Looking at last year, we expect to do some pretty cool stuff. People are getting excited already.

So, here are a few tips to help you get your code used during the holidays:

1. Thanksgiving is coming up (it’s only a week away!). What happens the day after is the BIGGEST shopping day of the year. That means there will be lots of people looking for discount codes. Get creative in ways you can share yours.

2. Gift guides and Christmas lists help people make buying decisions. If someone is unsure of what to get, a gift guide or list can really help them out. Make a few with beloved items. Then insert your code so they know they can get a really great deal, too!

3. Doing a blog post or a youtube video reviewing beloved products is a really cool way to share excitement. Remember, if you’re pumped, other people will be too. So, try it out. Do a Beloved Shirts Review and watch your code use go up.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures, feel free to use any of them with your codes/links.

14330775276_d4186b1428_k 14804875228_c76e6dcf0c_k (1) 14968483486_5ea561c669_k 14968485956_c60e1bc4db_k 13347343674_a76ffbd15e_k 14207004477_08b3c3dce2_k 14374039143_c370299a4f_k 14509599865_a91b5ab1db_b


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