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Cara Delevingne Pizza Onesie

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Look out Katy Perry, there’s a new pizza princess in town! Supermodel Cara Delevingne was spotted leaving Ibiza in her cozy pizza onesie / jumpsuit / costume – whatever you want to call it. Here at belovedshirts, we call it a belovesie.


Later, she zipped that baby all the way up and roamed the streets in search of a pizzeria.

Fotor0816122047It’s so exciting to see Cara sporting a Belovesie!

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Katy Perry Feeds Her Love of Pizza With Beloved Shirts


Katy Perry Pizza

If you’re following @katyperry on instagram, you may have noticed the newest addition to her wardrobe—the pepperoni pizza belovesie from

The pop star has posted multiple times sporting the outrageous onesie and even has been seen after concerts wearing the pepperoni masterpiece.

The latest video, captioned “killer pizza bruh” can be seen here

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