#Belovedpeople — @officialpizzaman

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Beloved: Please Introduce yourself
@Officialpizzaman: This may sound cheesy but Pizzaman was born and raised in Miami. (I) Realized I was addicted to pizza at the age of 6. My parents couldn’t stop me from getting my pizza fix. Been obsessed with pizza ever since. I grew up and became what I couldn’t stop eating at such a young age — Pizza.


Beloved: Does Pizzaman have a mission?
Pizzaman: Pizzaman’s mission is to let the world know where to find the best tasting pizza.


Beloved: Why Pizza?
Pizzaman: Why pizza? Why not pizza?! Everyone loves pizza and I love it too. I eat pizza for breakfast every day.


Beloved: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Pizzaman: In five years, Pizzaman hopes to find his true Pizzalady and make his own Pizzababies all while eating a pizza at the same time.


Beloved: Will you be wearing anything pizza related at your wedding?
Pizzaman: I will be wearing my pizza belovesie at my wedding.


Beloved: Favorite topping?
Pizzaman: Favorite topping is pepperoni


Beloved: Top five pizza places so far?


Beloved: How did you find out about beloved?
Pizzaman: From my sister, now I have like 10 items from you guys


Beloved: Best breakfast pizza?
Pizzaman: Cheese with a sunny side up egg on it and bacon + sausage.


Beloved: What’s the best reaction you’ve had to Pizzaman?
Pizzaman: The best reaction I’ve had is when I scared the delivery guy away from my front door. He ran off until he realized I was just a warm, soft crust Pizzaman.


Beloved: If you ran the instagram for a day, what would you post?
Pizzaman: I would post my real identity… Selfie style!


Beloved: What design does beloved need?
Pizzaman: Beloved needs a high def ganja one


Beloved: What makes a good pizza?
Pizzaman: A good pizza must be made with a good dough. The majority of a pizza is dough and it can’t be too overwhelmin in taste or you won’t taste the rest of the good stuff (sauce, cheese, toppings)! Pizza needs to be balanced.


Catch up with Pizzaman on all of his adventures here.


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Interviewed by: Coby Gerstner.


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