#Belovedpeople — @bellaboombox


@Bellaboombox pizza queen

An interview with one of our #belovedpeople:

Beloved: Introduce yourself
@BellaboomboxMy name is Bella Bronson, I’m the photo production assistant at SNL. I graduated calarts with a bachelor’s degree in fine art and costume design. Went to make up school for a year.


Beloved: currently listening to?
Bella: Listening to a lot of ignorant gangster rap- young thug is my new favorite rapper- obvi into drake, old school R&B like Mase, and blues like Lightnin’ Hopkins– EDM that goes without saying if you know me.


Beloved: fav kyle  mooney video?
Bella: As for Kyle…I should probably know because I work on SNL- but I don’t know his outside work. I love him making out with Miley.


Beloved: How did you find out about beloved?
Bella: I feel like I’ve known about you guys for forever- since the beginning- Idk I’m trying to think what the first thing I bought from you guys was- I think it was the pink donut crew neck that hooked me.


Beloved: Fav outfit combo?
Bella: Big fan of the pizza big tee, hat, and sock combo.


Beloved: What’s your favorite design?
Bella: Big fan of my new sprinkles leggings excited to rock that with my sprinkles shirt.


Beloved: If you ran the instagram for a day, what would you post?
Bella: Prob pics of myself in beloved gear tbh.


Beloved: any stories of wearing beloved gear? anything happened?
Bella: Favorite story was I was wearing my pizza outfit at the club and this guy came up to me and said, “OMG dude my friend is tripping on acid and he thought you were actually a piece of pizza, you made his trip”


Beloved: best part about beloved?
Bella: Love the humor and the creativity. Reminds me a lot of my own clothing design. Thinks outside the box, literally, with the allover print. You guys started that.


Huge thank you to @bellaboombox for being our first interview for #belovedpeople. Make sure you check out her instagram
Bella FriesFridge Pizza
If you’re interested in being featured on the blog, email your info to press@belovedshirts.com
Interviewed by: Coby Gerstner. You can find him on twitter @cobyy

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